Ear Syringing and Hearing Assessments

Ear Syringing (Wax Removal Treatment) and Hearing Assessments Across Nottingham, Leicester, Derby & Mansfield

At Park Private Clinic we offer a range of Private Doctor led services including Ear Syringing, otherwise known as Ear Wax Removal or Irrigation.

Ear wax serves to protect the ear canal by forming a protective coat for the skin in the ear canal. Impacted Earwax (cerumen) is not uncommon and can be very troubling. Occasionally, despite use of oil/drops ear wax can remain. Blockages are due to a build up of earwax in the outer ear canal. This can lead to hearing loss, pain and occasionally vertigo and dizziness.

As part of our service commitment, a Doctor will assess your condition. If required a modern water-assisted system will be used to clear the ear canal of the wax causing the blockage. Ear wax removal usually provides instant relief of symptoms.


The procedure:

Prior to attending your appointment you should use olive oil ear drops for 2-3 days. This allows for the wax to be softer and looser in the ear canal. It also makes the ear wax removal procedure safer and less painful.

We would advise patients not to prod and poke inside the ear canal however troubling the wax is. The procedure is simple and relatively painless. Before to the ear wax removal procedure your ears will be examined using an auroscope.

Following your treatment, our Doctor will re-examine your ears to ensure that the wax has cleared and there are no other problems lurking behind the wax.

Our Ear Irrigation (ear wax removal) treatment services are safe, convenient and patient centered.

*Please note a consultation fee applies to ear syringing, as with any treatment given a full assessment and examination needs to be carried out.


Hearing Assessments

We are also able to offer a Hearing Assessments for our patients, which can be booked on the same day if necessary. This will involve patients having an Audiogram performed using an instrument called an Audiometer. The Audiometer will screen your hearing at different frequencies to check for any types of hearing loss.

Should you wish to book an appointment please call us today on 0115 8967878 or book using our online booking form.



  • Wax is a natural secretion and if it is not a problem it is best left alone
  • Do not use cotton buds, hair grips, a pencil or other items to try to remove the wax
  • Consider ear wax softening drops or olive oil as the first option unless you are experiencing pain or discharge
  • Visit a clinician who will advise whether wax removal is necessary and what type of procedure is most appropriate for you depending on your medical history
  • Never try to remove the wax yourself with an instrument or device as you will most probably push it further down the ear canal or cause damage.

If attending an appointment at the clinic, please press the button below and print and fill out the form, and bring this with you.