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    Botox Nottingham

    Wrinkles are a normal part of the ageing process. With age, the skin cells divide more slowly, and the skin’s inner layer, called the dermis, begins to thin. This in turn starts to undo the skin’s elasticity and youthful structure. As our skin starts to age it also loses its ability to hold on to moisture, makes less oil, and is slower to heal, all of which contributes to the overall wrinkling process. At Park Private Clinic in Nottingham, Botox ® treatments are our most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatment for smoothing lines and wrinkles.

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    The best anti-ageing results are achieved by using Botulinum toxin for the following popular areas:

    • Frown lines and wrinkles
    • Forehead lines (worry lines) and creases between the brows
    • Eye lines / crow’s feet / laughter lines

    Anti-Wrinkle Treatments Across Leicester, Derby and Mansfield

    Our Anti-Wrinkle Treatments are safe, effective and quickly administered using just a few fine tiny needle injections under the skin. Botox® has been around for many years and works by relaxing several muscles in the face which contract to cause facial lines. For deeper more permanent creases and lines one should seek to use a Dermal Filler.

    Women and men can both benefit from ant-wrinkle treatments to help keep you looking young. Our aesthetics team will be able to advise you on which treatment is best for you to achieve a more youthful appearance. So if you are looking to have treatment in Nottingham then opt for Park Private clinic where a specially trained doctor will deliver the treatment in comfort, safety and style. So if you are looking for smooth wrinkle-free skin the call our Nottingham clinic today on 0115 8967878.

    Why should you choose us for your Botox ® treatments?

    • Botox® Treatments are carried out by a GMC Registered Doctor.
    • We offer free aesthetics consultations with our doctor who has over twenty years of experience.
    • The treatments can only take 15 minutes.
    • You will be able to carry on with your day after the treatment without anyone noticing.
    • Results should be visible in 3-7 days².
    • The effects can last up to 4 months.
    • Reviews for all patients who may require this two weeks¹ after initial treatment.
    • We can offer gift voucher schemes.
    • Convenient clinic times to suit you (including Saturdays).
    • Same-day appointments available.

    Treatment Costs (Ladies) – with Azzalure Botulinum Toxin

    • 1 Area – £120.00
    • 2 Areas – £180.00
    • 3 Areas – £225.00

    Treatment Costs (Ladies) – with BOTOX®

    • 1 Area – £145.00
    • 2 Areas – £195.00
    • 3 Areas – £265.00
    • Underarms: £250 per arm

    The cost is greater for men as they require higher doses of toxin:

    Azzalure: 1 area £180, 2 areas £320, 3 areas £425

    BOTOX®: 1 area £260, 2 areas £360, 3 areas £450


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    Treating wrinkles with Botox® – FAQ’s

    How does Botox® work?

    The Botulinum Toxin protein works by blocking the nerve innervation of muscles. In the face this leads to a reduction of the expression lines. As we age the skin is less elastic and so prone to forming wrinkles when we express. Botox decreases movement of muscles in the face which in turn prevents the skin from wrinkling. Botox effectively slows down the ageing process of the skin.

    Are Botox® treatments safe?

    Botox has been used safely for over twenty years to treat a variety of medical conditions. Anti-wrinkle face treatments with Botox have also been used safely for over fifteen years and have become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments today.

    See also: Important Information About Treatment with Azzalure Leaflet

    How long will Botox® last?

    Typically the toxin will start to have an effect from 3 to 14 days. The optimum effect of Botox is usually seen after two weeks. The effects can last up to six months but more typically last three to four months on average. We have noticed that in some people the effect of repeated treatments with Botox® makes any expression lines less severe. This means that stubborn frown lines soften with time. Please note the effectiveness of treatment is dependent on your individual reaction to the toxin. Our doctor performs treatment using the same method of administration and the same amount for each area for every person he sees. The results vary because of your reaction to it. It is for this reason that no professional who provides this treatment can guarantee the effectiveness and longevity of the treatment.

    ¹Why two weeks for the follow-up?

    Following your Botox® treatment, a two-week follow-up may be necessary but not obligatory. This is just to ensure that you are happy with the treatment. However, please be advised that after this 2 week period any additional treatment will be chargeable. It is your responsibility to attend your follow-up appointment and book within the required time frame.

    ²The treatment takes at least two weeks for it to develop, we would not normally recommend coming in sooner as the toxin would not have had a chance to develop/work properly.


    More information:

    Wrinkles are treated with Botulinum Toxin type A. The products we use are Azzalure and BOTOX® (these are trade names). BOTOX®  is made by a company called Allergan. Azzalure is made by a company called Galderma (U.K) Ltd.

    As a clinic we strive for excellence and as such we only use the best products such as Botox®, Azzalure and Juvederm.

    Botox® Treatments are safe, quick and straightforward, and can be supplemented by other treatments such as Dermal Fillers leading to an even better aesthetic result.

    Botox® Treatments are given by injection and help relax the underlying muscle, smoothing skin and reducing wrinkles. The results of this treatment can last up to 4 to 6 months. The effects of the treatment are not permanent.

    It is important to remember that each person reacts to treatment differently. The effectiveness and longevity depends entirely on the individual.