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General Travel Health Advice Across Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Mansfield

Book for free* travel advice with our Doctor

If there is anything not listed that you require, please contact the practice to discuss availability. Appointments are available seven days a week at times to suit you. Urgent appointments are usually available the same day at our Nottingham Travel Clinic. Consultations for travel advice are free, call 0115 8967878 to book an appointment with our Travel Doctor. Vaccinations can then be given within the same appointment.

We advise patients to consult with Park Private Travel Clinic at least 6-8 weeks before travel so that a plan of prevention treatment and vaccines can be made. That said we realize that this is not always possible and we specialize in catering for last minute travel advice, vaccinations and medication.

We are happy to prescribe for altitude sickness and travellers diarrhoea.

Flying can of course be an exhausting experience. We want you to arrive at your destination in the best possible shape. At Park Private Clinic our focus is not just on vaccines and diseases, but also on helping you decrease avoidable risks. We can help with jet lag, fatigue, stress and sleep loss due to travel.

The practice also provides treatment to patients with post travel related illnesses.

Every person is unique and every country presents different travel associated risks. So get protected with all your travel needs at our specialized clinic.

Remember there’s much more to protecting your health abroad than simply being vaccinated. At each visit to our clinic you will have the opportunity to discuss any travel related health concerns with our experienced travel doctor.


Useful Links for Travellers:

Fit for travel

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office – Travel & living abroad

Department of Health – Public health information

Netdoctor – Travel Vaccinations


*Free travel health advice applies when you pay for at least one vaccine (consultation fee of £50 applies if you do not have any vaccines)


If attending an appointment at the clinic, please press the button below and print and fill out the form, and bring this with you