Milia and Blackhead Removal

Milia and Blackhead Removal Across Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Mansfield

Eliminate Milia and Blackheads safely and easily


Milia are small, white bumps (or cysts) typically found on the face (usually around the eyes and on the cheeks). They form when keratin becomes trapped beneath the surface of your skin.Milia

How can they be removed?

Milia can take months to clear up naturally, however they can be removed by a qualified professional. During the facial, after cleansing, the therapist will use a sterile needle to pick out the contents of the cyst. The method is called Deroofing. Depending on how many Milia you have, and if time permits, our therapist also includes Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion which gently exfoliates, brightens and tightens pores.

Cost for a 1 hour session: £80



Blackheads are small, dark spots that appear on the surface of the skin. They occur when your skin produces excess oil which gets trapped in the skin with bacteria, it is then oxidised when exposed.

How can they be treated?

Blackheads can be treated with:

  • Chemical peels – peels clear blackheads by removing dead skin cells therefore clearing congestion and allowing healthy skin to be revealed. Cost: £65
  • Microdermabrasion – Crystal Clear technology removes stubborn blackheads and reduces the size of pores. Cost: from £40


After these treatments you may have some redness, usually this fades after just 24 hours. However, for some, you may experience breakouts and prolonged redness after treatment (due to this being an extraction/exfoliating facial) but this should usually resolve within 10 days.

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Shawana an experienced Aesthetician and trainer has direct overwatch and management responsibility for:

  • All 3D lipo/radio frequency,HIFU, Cavitation
  • Laser treatments for skin lesions / hair removal / venous lakes / skin tightening
  • Microdermabrader in/oxygen therapy/chemical peels/acne/milia and blackhead removal/skin tag on walk removal/seborrhoeic warts
  • Obagi skincare products/3-D skin tech facials
  • Electrolysis and fungal nail treatments

These aesthetics treatments are part of the park aesthetic‘s clinic which is managed and supervised by Shawana.