Private Prescriptions and Sick Notes

Private Prescriptions Across Leicester, Derby, Mansfield & Nottingham

Private Prescription

In the event that you are unable to reach your regular GP and need a prescription quickly, we are here to help. Our Nottingham City Centre Clinic offer a private prescription service as part of our GP consultations.

Prescription services are a standard part of our doctor consultations. Our experienced doctors can provide you with a repeat prescription or new medication based on the doctor’s assessment.
We can also provide private prescriptions for requests on certain medications if the doctor deems it appropriate. The clinic will also be able to assist with repeat prescriptions for patients with long-term conditions or requirements. Local pharmacies are able to take faxed requests from our clinic for medication that you may require.

When issuing prescriptions we are required to ensure the following:

  • A consultation with our Doctor is required for all new patients and all new prescriptions (unless we are treating an infection we have diagnosed through testing).
  • If your prescription is for conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain management or sleep disturbance, we may need to speak to your GP to verify when you were last prescribed the medication.
  • We do not guarantee that our doctors will be able to provide the prescription you are requesting. We must act according to medical and clinical guidelines.
  • Repeat prescriptions are issued according to clinical guidelines. Sometimes, a follow up consultation or telephone discussion may be required.

Getting a private prescription here at Park Private Clinic in Nottingham is quick, efficient and safe. We can generally turn around requests for repeat prescriptions on the same day. Other prescriptions can be processed either the same day or within 24 hours guaranteed. We serve patients from across the Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Mansfield or Sheffield.

You will need to see a doctor before any of the medication is prescribed to you. Your prescription will be separate from your Consultation fee. However, once you have been seen by one of the GPs, on-going repeat private prescriptions for the medications will only cost you £25 (for any number of medications) each time.

You will feel confident with our Private Prescriptions service, which includes:

  • Appointments are available at times that suits you, including same day appointments
  • Private prescriptions included in our consultations
  • You will be seen by an experienced clinician each time you attend
  • Continuity of care (seeing the same doctor each time you need us)
  • Excellent connectivity with local pharmacies
  • Access to a broad range of treatment options
  • Access to a wide network of experienced private specialists
  • Ability to refer to the best local specialists in secondary care either in house or via our preferred local private hospitals

You can book a GP appointment yourself via our Appointment Request system or by calling us on (0115) 8967878.  If for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment we would be very grateful if you could contact us to re-arrange your appointment.

Alternatively, you can call or email us to make a booking with a GP or to inform us of which on-going repeat prescription you require.

Please note:

Park Private Clinic issues private prescriptions which can be taken to any UK Pharmacy. The cost of each medication prescribed is variable and reflects the actual cost of the medication.

Park Private Clinic does not routinely issue repeat prescriptions without a medical review of the patient by our doctor. In keeping with Good Medical Practice all patients on long-term prescribed medication will be required make themselves available for medical review before the issuing of further medication. Patients on long term medication will need to see our doctor at regular intervals for monitoring and review of their prescription.

Patients must take responsibility for requesting their medications at a time that allows prescriptions to be generated and medicines to be collected by them. We ask patients to allow two working days for a private prescription to be generated once requested. Under exceptional circumstances we can deliver a 24 hour turnaround of this facility.

Please be aware that controlled drugs are not routinely prescribed by our GP. If a controlled drug is prescribed the doctor would only supply a very small quantity of the medication. The medication would be prescribed at the clinical discretion of the GP. We now operate a policy of keeping your NHS GP informed of medication prescribed and your clinical condition. This allows your NHS doctor to keep fully informed about your health and use of medication. Park Private clinic aims to act as a service that compliments your NHS doctors function.


Private Sick Notes

There is no doubt that from time to time we all suffer ailments that prevent us from carrying out our day to day work and other activities. In these trying times we are required often to provide medical certification that the reason for absence is justified on medical grounds. We at Park Private Clinic are able to provide medical certificates for patients who require them. These can be issued as part of a consultation with one of our doctors.

Further to this letters requested can usually be prepared within 24 hours of requests from patients. Such letters may provide further detail and reasoning for absences where a medical certificate may not suffice.

You will see our experienced doctor who will issue a medical certificate after careful history and assessment of your medical condition.