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    Please note we are currently not offering

    filler treatment at the practice.  

    Here at Park Private Clinic we offer a range of dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can boost volume and help reverse the effects of ageing. They also stimulate skin rejuvenation by enhancing collagen synthesis. Our fully qualified and trained GMC registered doctor administers all fillers.

    Fillers for the face and lips are ideal for anyone who wants to look fresher and younger without the need for surgery.

    Fillers – About the treatment

    Dermal filler not only fills areas of volume loss, which can occur due to age, but further enhance the skins appearance by stimulating the production of collagen in the skin. The rejuvenation process is visible almost immediately. Popular areas for filling lines and creases include:

    • Deeper Creases and Wrinkles
    • Nose to Mouth (Nasolabial) Lines
    • Cheeks
    • Marrionette Lines

    Please note that we do not treat tear troughs or the forehead/between the eyebrows with filler due to the high risks involved.

    Collagen exists as a naturally occurring protein in your skin, helping to shape and support it. As you age however, the volume of collagen decreases and your skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness as a result. Dermal Filler is designed to replace the loss of collagen. They effectively fill out and smooth away troublesome lines, wrinkles and hollows, recreating the smoother contours of youthful skin without any need for surgery.

    Dermal Fillers are produced specifically to fill out lines and wrinkles of the face that are caused by the loss of collagen as we age. By restoring volume to these areas with the help of dermal fillers, your skin will look smoother and appear softer, resulting in a more youthful appearance and promoting skin rejuvenation.

    Park Private Clinic only uses long lasting natural fillers such as Juvederm for facial injections. These dissolve slowly over time and have an outstanding safety record. Achieve natural skin rejuvenation at our Nottingham Aesthetics Clinic.

    Treatment Costs

    1. Dermal Fillers – from £250* per 1ml syringe
    2. Lip Enhancements – from £300* per 1ml syringe

    *Cost is dependent on the type of Filler used.


    NEW: 3D-Lipo HIFU Face Lift

    The No-Needle, Botox® Free, Non-Surgical one-off treatments for smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles

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