Hair Removal with Electrolysis

Electrolysis is traditional and most basic but very effective hair removal method for permanent hair reduction. It is a method of removing individual hairs from the face or body. Today’s medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth centre of the hair with chemical or heat energy. After a very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle, the hair is removed with tweezers.

In our modern times, laser is very popular for reducing hair permanently, but it relies on colour pigment called Melanin in hair to help the process. So coarse blonde, red and grey hair are not subjected to reduction with them, hence we offer electrolysis for our customer delivering great results.

Most areas of the body can be treated with electrolysis, including the eyebrows, face, abdomen, thighs, breasts, and legs. There are generally no permanent side effects, but sometimes a temporary, slight reddening of the skin may occur. Skin is prone to pigmentation can get some temporary pigmentation on the treated area where as acne prone skin can get breakout sometimes after the treatment.

Keeping skin cool and applying Aloe Vera gel after the treatment soothes the area and will calm down in couple of days. A course of treatment is required according to your regrowth response rate.

Price from £30.