Pre-Employment Medicals

Pre-Employment Medicals Across Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Mansfield

Designing cost effective corporate health screening tailored to your requirements

Corporate Pre-Employment Medicals

Looking after the welfare of your staff with bespoke Pre-Employment Medicals can save your company costly sick leave payments as well as ensuring suitability of staff for the health and fitness of the employees meet the demands and risks of the job. Pre-Employment Screening is good practice because recruiting the wrong person can be costly both in financial terms and in disruption to your business.

Medicals of this type are a legal requirement in many industrial sectors such as transport, security and construction. Park Private Clinic is able to provide these services led by a doctor who has almost twenty years of experience in patient care. Set in the heart of Nottingham’s commercial quarter and occupying an elegant grade II listed premises means our service is an excellent reflection on your company and your commitment to your staff.

Our bespoke service will be tailored to your specific requirements. We are able to work with companies to protect them and their staff by providing thorough medical health screening examinations. Our quality services and professional team will ensure that we make your employees feel comfortable and assured.

We will offer a meeting or telephone consultation to assess and discuss your requirements. From this we will be able to formulate an appropriate set of tests and templates to meet those requirements. We will liaise directly with your HR team with guaranteed fast turnaround of reports. We will support you for any unexpected or difficult outcomes and we will offer you significant cost/volume discounts.

Overall, we deliver and manage an efficient and authoritative Pre-Employment screening solution to meet your specific business requirements. This includes any necessary pathology or investigations and a comprehensive examination and report.

Our medical specialists will take time to listen to your employees in an unhurried and relaxed environment.

Pre-Employment Medicals for Individuals

Increasingly, companies require current and potential staff members to undergo employment medicals to ensure suitability. Our clinic has a very experienced staff team who will work with you to complete your Pre-Employment Medical.

You will find our team to be experienced, professional and knowledgeable. We understand the importance of pre-employment medicals and consequently, we will ensure you are given a pre and post medical debrief which will explain to you precisely what the medical involves. You will also be given a written report detailing the key outcomes of your medical.

We are able to do most tests that you may require onsite and can have results and reports to you in 24 hours in most instances.

So if you require a Pre-Employment Medical, then contact Park Private Clinic on 0115 8967878.


Pre-Employment Medical Packages