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Profhilo – Anti-Ageing Bioremodeling

Remodel your look and hydrate your skin in just 5 minutes.

Profhilo is the latest anti-ageing treatment which helps you overcome the problem of facial and body ageing. This amazing non-invasive treatment is a ground-breaking approach to reduce signs of ageing. Bio-remodeling counteracts skin laxity of the aged areas of the face that are usually difficult to treat, as well as the neck, décolleté, hands and arms.

As we age, we begin to lose the collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in our skin. Our face and body begin to look more drooped and aged. With just five injection points into the mid and lower face, Profhilo helps to stimulate four different types of collagen and elastin with slow release of hyaluronic acid. This helps to replace the initially lost elastin and collagen,giving the skin an anti-ageing boost.

Profhilo has seen such outstanding anti-ageing results when improving the appearance of :

  • Loose, saggy skin
  • Dry, dehydrated skin

If you are quite new to cosmetics injectables and want the more natural, subtle look, we would advice using Profhilo instead of regular dermal fillers. As well as a stand alone treatment, Profhilo can be used along with dermal fillers to really maximize the results. During your consultation, our highly trained doctor will be able to advise you on which treatment he feels will be more effective.

How many sessions of Profhilo should I have?

It is advised to begin with one session of Profilho, and have a second session 4 weeks later as the second dose. In extreme cases of loose and sagged skin, a third session may be advised for maximum results. The results from this treatment last for 6 months on average, however all skin is different so the results will differ.

We do require a full consultation with the Aesthetics Practitioner beforehand so he can examine your skin and decide which treatment would be best for your concerns, as well as talk more in depth about the treatment and answer any questions you may have.

When will I see the results with Profhilo? Is there any downtime?

We have seen some really amazing results with Profhilo. You should begin to see visible results with profilho around 4 weeks after the first session.

There is a small risk of slight swelling and bruising in the treated area but it’s perfectly safe for you to resume your daily tasks and work immediately after! This is the perfect lunch time treatment!

Is there anything I need to do after Profhilo treatment?

  • Do not apply make-up to the area treated until 24 hours later to avoid infection from bacteria transferred.
  • Avoid exercise for 48 hours
  • Do not expose yourself to high / low temperatures
  • Do not have any other cosmetic treatments to the area for 4 weeks after each injection
  • Avoid UV exposure and wear an SPF 30 minimum