Guide to Deposit Prices

Deposit Price List According to Service/Appointment Booking

For the type of appointments in the table below, we take a deposit as the point of booking. When you attend your appointment, the cost of deposit will be taken off the cost of the treatment/service you receive.

Type of Appointment

Amount Required

Doctor Appointments

GP Consultation (Initial and Follow Up)/Blood Tests/STI or Sexual Health £20
Ear Irrigation £20
ECG/Audiometry/Spirometry £20
Skin Tag/Wart Removal Initial Assessment £20 refundable deposit
Skin Tag/Wart Removal Treatment £20
Silver Health Screen £20
Gold Health Screen £50
Platinum Health Screen £100
Vaccinations (including consultations) £20
Driver’s (D4) Medical £10

Offshore/Pre-Employment/Drug Testing/Chester Step etc.

Visa Medical £100
Home Visits Up front cost of £300 must be paid at point of booking. Any additional services will be invoiced.
Botox® £20
Filler Treatments £50

For Facials/Laser Treatments

10 minute appointment £10
15 minute appointment £15
30 minute appointment £30
60+ minute appointment £50

What if I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment?

The deposit means that if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment you must give at least 48 hours notice or you will lose the deposit. By also not turning up to your appointment and not notifying us 48 hours prior means you will lose the deposit.

If your appointment has been booked within 48 hours of you arranging the booking, you won’t be able to cancel/rearrange your appointment without losing the deposit.

What do we mean by “refundable deposit”?

This means the consultation for this service is usually free of charge. The money will be refunded when you attend the appointment. Alternatively this money can be used as credit with the clinic (for example to make another booking and use this as a down payment again or it can be deducted from the cost of treatments/services that you may have on the day or in the future).

How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay is over the phone when you book in. If you are booking by email, you will be asked to call us to make the payment within an allocated time frame. If you are not comfortable with paying over the phone, you can either come in to the clinic to pay either in card or cash and book then. If you have not paid a deposit by the end of your allocated time then your appointment is likely to be cancelled.

Why are we charging at the point of booking?

Taking deposits is a common practice in private clinics and for paid services. Unfortunately we have been experiencing a large number of ‘no-shows’ (those who do not turn up to their appointments) and on the day cancellations. Whilst we appreciate the majority of our clients do have valid reasons for cancelling or not attending, this unfortunately means that slots that could have offered to other clients are now left empty. This has a large effect on our business. By implementing this method we hope that we can continue to run an effective and professional service whilst meeting needs of our clients.

What about if I have paid for a course of treatments, for example for laser hair removal?

The full amount for the course will need to be paid on the first session. If you then reschedule an appointment within 48 hours or not show up for your appointment then you will lose that session.

When booking in treatments (e.g. for single sessions or for the first session of a course) then a deposit will be taken by the amount indicated above (which goes by the length of appointment).