Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis

People are now looking for long-term solutions for hair removal, instead of the traditional shaving, tweezing and waxing. There are two methods that are commonly used to remove unwanted hair – laser hair removal and electrolysis. Both procedures target hair follicles underneath the skin to curb or prevent hair growth. 

Below, we explore both hair removal procedures, to help you make the decision of which is best suited for you. 

Laser Hair Removal 

What is Laser Hair Removal? 

Laser Hair removal involves the use of lasers to deliver mild radiation to hair follicles. This procedure will reduce hair growth but the hair will grow back eventually. The laser gets adjusted to the colour and thickness of the hair being removed. 

Some patients may be given anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. You may also have to apply cold compresses on the skin to alleviate discomfort, or you may find using over-the-counter pain relievers help too. 

Most people require 8 follow-up treatments to get the best results, which can be scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. You may also require a once or twice-yearly maintenance session. 

What are the advantages of laser hair removal? 

Some of the main benefits are: 

  • Precision – the laser targets coarse, dark hairs 
  • Speed – The laser works in milliseconds and can treat several hairs at once 
  • Lighter Growth – New hair growth will be less dense than before the procedure 
  • Effective – Many people see long-term results after 3-8 sessions 

How much does Laser Hair Removal Cost? 

Costs vary according to the body area and the number of sessions required. 


What is Electrolysis? 

Electrolysis involves inserting a probe into the hair follicle and sending an electric current through it. This damages the follicle and prevents new hair growth. It is the only method of permanent hair removal available. The procedure involves the technician placing an ultra-thin needle into the targeted hair follicle, which may mean that the skin is a little irritated and red after the procedure. 

For permanent hair removal, a person requires several treatments, due to dormant follicles sometimes growing between sessions. These sessions may take place every week or every other week for several weeks. 

What are the advantages of Electrolysis?

  • Permanent – It is the only FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal 
  • Versatility – It is said to be effective for people with any skin type, skin colour and hair colour, and is suitable for any area of the body 
  • No Recovery Time – People can resume their daily activities after the procedure 

How Much Does Electrolysis cost? 

Dependent on the area of your body and type of hair being treated, Electrolysis can work out cheaper than laser hair removal. However, it is important to keep in mind that you may require more sessions altogether. 

Which is better – Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis? 

Both hair removal procedures provide long-term solutions to unwanted hair growth. 

Electrolysis is more versatile and permanently removes hair, however it does require a lengthy processes to remove hairs altogether, laser hair removal is better for a quicker solution. 

Laser hair removal treatment is fast, and is also great to remove darker hair and is carried out quickly in fewer sessions. 

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