Why Choose a Private GP?

It is becoming more difficult to obtain an NHS GP appointment when required – sometimes patients having to wait 2 or 3 weeks to be seen. This leads to dissatisfaction for problems that need attention, or when issues could benefit from a continuing doctor relationship. We are therefore seeing growth in the number of patients seeking private care. 

You may be wondering why people would choose to visit a Private GP, which we have listed below. 

6 Reasons to Choose a Private GP 

Appointments to Suit Your Schedule 

Private GP’s are readily available, meaning that same day appointments are offered, with flexibility such as lunchtime, evening and weekend appointments. As there are a range of private doctors available, you are also likely to be able to see the same doctor. 

Longer appointment times  

Private GP appointments usually offer a minimum of 15/30 minutes, and these longer appointment times provide patients with ease of access.  This also means that conditions can be fully explored, understood and managed. 

To get a specific vaccination 

Another reason that patients visit Private GP’s is to get a specific vaccination that are not available at general NHS doctor surgeries. 

More in Depth Blood Tests to Be Taken 

Tests can be arranged quickly and appropriately with a high standard of care. Test results are also handled quickly in the private sector, meaning patients can access results more quickly.

Prompt Referrals  

Private GP’s allow you to be seen quicker for scans or second opinions, and many Private GP doctors also have in-house pharmacies to take the hassle out of picking up prescriptions. 

High Level of Professionalism and Quality  

GP’s are on hand to provide the best service, and are qualified to diagnose a wide range of illnesses and conditions. Private GP surgeries also offer a range of different services. 

If you feel that a private GP may be right for you, give us a call now to speak to our friendly team.