Is it a Skin Tag or Wart?

Finding a Skin Tag or a Wart appear on the body can often be alarming but it is important not to panic. Skin Tags and Warts are usually harmless and can be removed by a specialist. Skin tags often fall off naturally with time although some patients prefer to remove them for aesthetic reasons. But what are the differences between Skin Tags and Warts and how can they be removed?


  • Have a bumpy surface
  • Are flatter and less raised
  • Can develop singularly or in clusters
  • Mostly due to human papilloma virus (HPV)
  • Are contagious and can spread to other areas or other people

Skin Tags

  • Are usually smooth
  • Rarely cause pain or discomfort
  • Are a similar colour to your own skin
  • Have a narrow ‘stalk’ root with a growth that hangs down
  • Tend to be found in areas where the skin experiences friction

What about Moles?

Skin Tags and Warts are not to be confused with Moles. If you notice a new mole on any part of your body, it is important to get this checked by a medical professional.

Skin Tag and Wart Removal

If you are considering Skin Tag or Wart Removal, there are several options. Our experienced Aesthetician Shawana provides: Laser treatments for Skin Lesions, Microdermabrader, Skin Tag and Wart removal and Electrolysis. You can contact us here or see our page on Skin Tag and Wart Removal.